Saint Hubert celebration

27 October 2019

Saint Hubert celebration

October 27, the last Sunday of October, honors Tervuren according to annual tradition Saint Hubert, the patron saint of the hunt and by extension all riders, horse and animal lovers and those who want to bless their pet, small or large. The beautiful surroundings of the Sint-Hubertus Chapel and the unique autumn setting in which this celebration takes place is always a guarantee for an atmospheric event.

As usual, the day starts with a solemn mass at 10.30 a.m. in the Sint-Janskerk (Kerstraat Tervuren). The mass is honored by the Tervuren Sint-Cecilia choir and the Royal Antwerp Hunting Horn Circle.

After the celebration, all horses, dogs and other pets proceed in procession (via the Leuvensesteenweg to the Sint-Janskerk, along the Kasteelstraat and through the Horseshoe Barracks) towards Sint-Hubertus Chapel where the blessing takes place around 12 noon. Hundreds of horsemen and animal lovers pass by the front of the chapel and are lavishly blessed there.

Throughout the celebration, the scouts of Tervuren are responsible for the dispensation of Saint Hubert bread, protectors against rabies.

To conclude, the Royal Antwerp Hunting Horn Circle on the chapel serves an impressive hunting horn concert.

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