The organization

At the beginning of 2019, a number of enthusiasts from Tervuren joined forces to organize TervurenFeest!,  the party committee of Tervuren. As a non-municipal non-profit organization, we assume 5 main lines:

  • We are a committee by and for Tervuren residents who are happy to cooperate with local associations, traders and volunteers.
  • We always put the general interest first. With our activities we try to strengthen the bond between all residents, thereby promoting tolerance, friendship and mutual respect.
  • We want to position Tervuren and its suburbs as a party town.
  •  We are developing the ambition to become a pole of attraction for supra-local activities.
  • We strive for efficiency and professionalism.

The members


  • Chairman: Pietro Caputo
  • Vice-chairman: Johan Busschaert
  • Treasurer: Inge Zeeuws
  • PR and communication: Nico Hernalsteen
  • Mobility and safety Seb Margerin
  • Legal: Annemie Spaes
  • Sponsering: Rudi Galdermans
  • Sponsoring: Ronny Saey
  • Municipal representative: Dieter Vanoverloop

Event responsibles:

  • Groote Stoet: Kathleen Blommaerts
  • Wintervuren: Dario Demol
  • 1Meifeesten Tervuren: Kathleen Blommaerts

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